Our Process

Proven development processes behind every project.

It takes a delicate balance of left and right brain people collaborating with solid project management and proven processes to create successful custom-crafted digital marketing platforms and campaigns.That’s what we do every day at Fireworx Digital.

Objectives & Discovery

We don’t lift a finger until we thoroughly understand your business objectives and how you define success for the project we undertake together. We set up an initial discovery meeting where we get an understanding of your target audience personas, your competitors and your marketplace. And if these areas haven’t been fully developed, we can help.


With a keen understanding of your needs and objectives, we perform a level of research that’s appropriate to the project budget and the task at hand. This can range from simply internal brainstorming to online competitive or industry research that we can perform in house, or even more sophisticated quantitative or qualitative research performed with our specialized research partners.


Whether B2B or B2C, all strategies begin with your target customer in mind. We develop a strategy that will meet your objectives and budget, while speaking to your target customer’s needs and motivations effectively and understanding the digital ecosystem in which they live and work every day.

Design & Development

Here it’s all about combining excellence in creativity, technical mastery and a sound project management process. It’s about hitting milestones and providing timely updates. Our team goes to work, collaborating smoothly and efficiently. From concept to copy, design to the next level. to development to launch and beyond, we’ve got you covered. No excuses.

Analyze, Optimize, Refine

Every interaction with your platform or campaign is an opportunity to learn and refine the process. That’s the beauty of digital marketing. We will use Google Analytics and other tools analyze and continue to revise, optimize and improve your web sites, marketing funnels, marketing automation and more, until your ecosystem is working like a well-oiled marketing machine.