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A Lesson in Realigning Your Focus, From Seth Godin

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“What we see, depends mainly on what we look for.” – John Lubbock

We wanted to share a post on perception and where you’re choosing to place your focus, by the always brilliant, Seth Godin. While you read, think about your perceptions – of your personal life, your work habits – and what you’ve been focusing on recently.

Depth of field

Focus is a choice.

The runner who is concentrating on how much his left toe hurts will be left in the dust by the runner who is focusing on winning.

Even if the winner’s toe hurts just as much.

Hurt, of course, is a matter of perception. Most of what we think about is.

We have a choice about where to aim the lens of our attention. We can relive past injustices, settle old grudges and nurse festering sores. We can imagine failure, build up its potential for destruction, calculate its odds. Or, we can imagine the generous outcomes we’re working on, feel gratitude for those that got us here and revel in the possibilities of what’s next.

The focus that comes automatically, our instinctual or cultural choice, that focus isn’t the only one that’s available. Of course it’s difficult to change it, which is why so few people manage to do so. But there’s no work that pays off better in the long run.

Your story is your story. But you don’t have to keep reminding yourself of your story, not if it doesn’t help you change it or the work you’re doing.

-via Seth Godin

Implement It

We challenge you to take a few moments to reflect on the past year. Have you been aiming your lens of attention on perceived failures? Chances are, there is something much more worthy of your focus.

Take some time to shift your focus onto greater possibilities rather than missed opportunities, onto accomplishing your goals rather than the things that are holding you back.