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The Top 5 Blog Moments of the Month from Seth Godin

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Seth Godin hits “publish” on a blog post every. single. day. And it’s all, well, just really, really good. So, let’s take a break from envying his diligence or his focus or his team or whatever it is that keeps that content flowing and appreciate the top five moments from the last month.

1. “Airbrushing”

“‘Compared to what?’ is not always a great question. It might be better to merely say, “this is pretty good.”

It’s widely understood these days that everything is airbrushed, touched up, or “photoshopped.” So much so, that when something isn’t, it gets recognized and celebrated.

A constant stream of other people’s airbrushed lives and advertiser’s airbrushed marketing ploys definitely takes its toll and if you’re not careful, “you’ll come to believe that you’re the only one with a less-than-perfect situation.”

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2. “Beware of false averages”

“More often than not, trying to please everyone a little is a great way to please most people not at all.”

People have opinions. They have likes and dislikes, tastes and distastes. As a marketer, when you try to hit all of the targets at once, you’ll waste a lot of money only to not hit any of them at all.

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3. “I have fear”

Is fear something we have or do?

“‘Right now, I have fear about launching this project,” is quite different from, ‘I’m afraid.’”

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4. ”Nothing matters more than results”

We live in a results-driven society. Sales women and men show their competency based on their numbers. Campaigns are declared as a success or a failure by conversions. But what really matters?

“It seems like almost everything important matters more than results.”

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5. “Marketing about power and with power”

“Some people persist in thinking that marketing is about ads or low prices. It’s not. It’s about human nature and promises and who we see when we look in the mirror.”

What sort of marketing do you choose to respond to?

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